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Dynamic Duos

Design Trends that Offer Beautiful Texture Combos

   There are so many options in the marketplace that it is mind boggling. One thing is for sure….a cast stone fireplace around a black box offers amazing contrast that will not go unnoticed. Another means of making a huge statement is to accentuate a wall made from stacked stone, marble, wood tile, ceramic tile, brick, or stucco with a cast stone surround.  Not only is the cast stone contrasting with the fireplace box, but it is also making the variety of wall textures stand out as well. In order to achieve this look, it is important to contact us regarding the stages of installation. For example, we can install on top of a tile wall, but thicker stacked stone requires our installation first before the stacked stone.

The following pictures will demonstrate how beautiful these designs are and how the sky is the limit on the combinations that are available: