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Importance of a Fireplace Surround

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Fireplace Surround

Whether you are a new home buyer, or in the midst of a remodeling project, don’t overlook the importance of your fireplace surround selection. Here are some reasons why it should be a top priority and some factors that need to be considered in choosing your surround:

  1. Your fireplace is typically in your living/family room which is the central headquarters for all family and friend major life gatherings, hence the name “living room”.   Our home buyers are taking photos in front of their fireplaces for prom, graduations, wedding and baby showers, anniversaries, holiday gatherings, family reunions, and the list is endless. A surround is the backdrop for momentous occasions so it should be an impressive stage.
  2. This room is the room you will spend most of your time living in so you want to make sure what you choose is timeless and something you will enjoy seeing much of your day.
  3. All the guests that come to your home will most likely see this room where your fireplace is located and it will make a statement that sets the tone for the room. 
  4. Many fireplaces are the focal point of the room, so choosing something that commands attention and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye will make a lasting impression.
  5. If you are one to decorate seasonally, your mantel is where most people change up their décor for the various seasons of the year as well as holidays, birthdays, etc…. The width of the mantel and the depth of the mantel are key factors in accommodating the accessories you want to use.
  6. Timelessness is valuable to those that don’t want to redecorate every 5 years. A neutral product with neutral coloring will last over time, vs trendy colored tile or stained woods that vary with the trends and date your home.
  7. Choosing a product that looks upscale, will improve the impression of your home and even increase the resale value of the home.
  8. Versatility is beneficial by using a product that can be updated with simple paint techniques and that won’t warp in a humid climates.
  9. Choosing a durable product that requires little or no maintenance will save you time and home maintenance headaches.